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    Handling of Personal Information

    We will adequately handle and manage personal information according to the privacy policy described below.

    Collection of Personal Information On this web site, customers may be asked to offer their personal information in the following cases. ●Inquiries or requests for materials regarding our services ●Reply to questionnaires.In these cases, we will clearly state the purpose for use, etc., before asking customers to offer personal information.Purpose of Use of Personal Information We will use the personal information to be offered for legitimate purposes including the development of better products and the improvement of service level within the scope that is notified when collecting the information. Regarding the protection and management of personal information We will assign a personal information protection manager for each organizational unit that handles personal information, thereby working hard to ensure adequate management.Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties We will not offer or disclose the personal information of customers to third parties, excluding cases where we have agreement from the customer in advance, we are to entrust business activities to such third parties and when other due causes exist.